Kryslin's Scripts for Lightwave

These are known to work under LW2018.  Some may work under previous version of Lightwave 3D, most notably 2015 and 11.6.3.

As of Lightwave 2020,LScript has been deprecated, and these scripts may become unreliable as the LScript engine in Lightwave goes unmaintained. Going forward, these plugins will be available in Python.

Entire Script Library (Download)
All Scripts listed below

Modeler Scripts
Fiber FX Helpers (Download)(Python Version Here)
FiberFX Estimator
Quick Style Generator
Style Map Deletion tool for Modeler

Hair & Spline Spline Tools(Download)(Python version Here)
Extrude Spline
Select Spline Start Point
Select Spline End Point
Select Next Control Point
Select Prev. Control Point
Expand Control Point Selection
Contract Control Point Selection
Trim Spline
Smooth Spline
Align Spline to Plane
Make Hair

Modeler Tools(Download )(Python Version Here)
Boolean Cut
Circle Points
Fuse Polygon Pairs
Make Honeycomb Grid
Quad Sphere Primitve
Quadify Poles
Stitch pairs
Weld Pairs

Layout Tools (Download)
Build Null Object
Symmetric Weight Assignment

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